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What our clients say about us

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Animal Angels Sitter with dog
Pet Sitting Angels - Pet Sitting in Hertfordshire

"Krystine and Brian are such lovely people and having been quite anxious about leaving our girl, we left feeling very confident that she was in good hands. Popsy was obviously very well cared for and we wouldn’t hesitate to have them look after her again in the future. Thank you so much."
Mrs H - Pet Sitting Client in Hertfordshire

Pet Sitting Angels - Pet Sitting in Hertfordshire

"Our Angel arrived before we departed, which was great as we could do a verbal handover. Jo had an immediate connection to a few of our cats, which was a very good sign. All our cats were very relaxed on our return. Our home was very tidy, Jo did an excellent job. Excellent service and very important for us as looking after 6 cats is not always easy."
Mr S - Pet Sitting Client in Hertfordshire

Pet Sitting Angels - Pet Sitting in Berkshire

"Having met Marina prior to the booking date, we had a good chat and I was more than happy and appreciative of her looking after my pets and my home. Very happy, my dog was calm and obviously happy with Marina, the cats ,I think, enjoyed being with each other and possibly driving Marina mad with their racing around!!! Corrine was extremely helpful, much appreciated. Thank you."
Mrs G - Pet Sitting Client in Berkshire

Pet Sitting Angels - Pet Sitting in Berkshire

"Anna was fabulous. The pets clearly loved her and she had done a wonderful job of looking after them. The house was spotless - as if the cleaners had just left! Really delighted and so happy with the pet sitting angels. Exactly the sort of people one can trust to look after their home and furry family. Overall, I am delighted. Lovely to feel so reassured that our home and animals were being so very well cared for."
Mrs F - Pet Sitting Client in Berkshire

Pet Sitting Angels - Pet Sitting in East Sussex

"We were anxious about going away and leaving the animals having not left them for 18 months but Grace was absolutely lovely and gave us confidence that she was more than capable. She was so lovely with the animals and it was clear they were well looked after and so relaxed and happy.

The house was spotless when we got home, I would highly recommend Grace and the service provided by Pet Sitting Angels, it was a smooth and professional service from our initial enquiry to the end of the sit."

Ms S - Pet Sitting Client in East Sussex

Pet Sitting Angels - Pet Sitting in Essex

"We had good communication beforehand as well. Tricia clearly knew about how to look after our pets without us having the slightest concerns whilst away. The dogs had had a good time and were very affectionate to Tricia which was nice to see. Good and concise communication throughout. Thank you for a good job well done."
Mr & Mrs B - Pet Sitting Client in Essex

Pet Sitting Angels - Pet Sitting in Sheffield

"Sue and Rob conveyed calm competence and we had no concerns about the well-being of our pets. Sue and Rob were great, and the dogs were clearly happy and relaxed with them. Very impressive! Very pleased with the service overall."
Professor H - Pet Sitting Client in Sheffield

Pet Sitting Angels - Pet Sitting in Dorset

"Sharon came at a time to suit me and seemed calm and confident with my lively dog. Sharon took Dashi to the vet on a minor issue, all resolved and he behaved himself!."
Ms S - Pet Sitting Client in Dorset

Pet Sitting Angels - Pet Sitting in Gloucestershire

"We definitely went away feeling confident that the boys and our home will be well looked after, they immediately turned to our boys and our boys felt very relaxed around them. They listened carefully to all the information concerning routine and house essentials. The boys were extremely well cared for, they were very happy and calm when we returned….especially our oldie. Top nots, tails and ears all tangle free and brushed, they’re all standard poodles!! They’d clearly had a super time with David and Rita. Our home was all ship shape and tidy, floors swept and clean….a mammoth task considering the three dogs and the weather.

We will definitely be recommending you, we think your service is marvellous and have complete confidence in your choice of sitter. You take all the stress out of leaving our boys, allowing us to completely relax whilst away."
Mrs D - Pet Sitting Client in Gloucestershire

Pet Sitting Angels - Pet Sitting in Hampshire

"Freddie is a very nervous dog and scared of people and other dogs but was pleased to see Carole and Roy, he was very well looked after as always. Carole and Roy are always punctual, we have used them many times in the past. My home was absolutely spotless and even my taps were gleaming even more than when I left."
Mrs S - Pet Sitting Client in Hampshire

Pet Sitting Angels - Pet Sitting in Staffordshire

"Our sitters Chritine and Roger arrived very promptly, we went away feeling very confident that they would care for our home and fur baby, we were lucky she accepted us back!!

Our home was so clean and tidy that I would love to hire Chris to do some cleaning…. I found the administrator in the Pet Sitting Angels office to be very efficient and I will definitely recommend your service."
Mrs W - Pet Sitting Client in Staffordshire

Pet Sitting Angels - Pet Sitting in Cornwall

"I felt very confident leaving our dogs, even Marley who is nervous. The dogs were very relaxed on our return. We are very grateful to the admin team and to Jean for paying attention to our needs and providing a great service."
Miss C - Pet Sitting Client in Cornwall

Pet Sitting Angels - Pet Sitting in Dorset

"Kim was great, she lives so near to me and I am delighted you have found her for me! I will certainly hope to book her again, if she is free the next time I go away! Brilliant to know Pet Sitting Angels are there."
Dr M - Pet Sitting Client in Dorset

Pet Sitting Angels - Pet Sitting in Berkshire

"Sarah and Matt were absolute life savers and we couldn’t have been happier with them and how they looked after our furry family and home. We went away feeling confident that they would care for our home and pets. Our pets were very relaxed on our return and the house was spotless and the dogs were happy. I have already recommended you to family and friends. Thank you so much for all you did to pull it off.

Sadly the original sitter was tested positive for Covid the day before the sit and this had to be reallocated at the last minute. When booking with Pet Sitting Angels, we have Angels on standby for emergency situations."
Mrs W - Pet Sitting Client in Berkshire

Pet Sitting Angels - Pet Sitting in Cheshire

"Fiona was outstanding in every way. Never known our dogs to be so relaxed on our return. Daily updates and photo’s. House left exactly how we left it. Will definitely be using you again."
Mrs L.H - Pet Sitting Client in Cheshire

Why choose us?

Because we:

Know that you love your pets
Provide a professional service
Are pet owners ourselves
Ensure Angels are CRB checked
Provide security for your home
Are friendly and reliable
Fully insure our Angels
Are a nationwide company
Have been pet sitting since 1993

Services we offer

We provide a range of services:

Live-in pet care
Home security
House sitting
Horse care
Exotic animals

What our customers say!

Wonderful service; no fuss, inspired me with confidence. Valerie and Les are very special pet sitters. So nice to know you are there and you care!

Ms L, Pet Sitting - Faringdon

Animal Angels Beagle Puppy

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