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Pet Sitting Angels

Frequently Asked Questions

Pet & House Sitting Service - Whilst you're away, you can have complete peace of mind, knowing that one of our Angels will be looking after your house and pets.

Pet Sitting Angels

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs - Pet Sitting

Questions prospective clients often ask

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I haven’t used a service like this before – how does it work?

There are many benefits to using a home and pet sitting service while you’re away. With Pet Sitting Angels, one of our experienced cat and dog sitters will reside in your home. They will stay there for a minimum of 21 hours each day you’re away. So they will not only care for your pets but also keep your house safe and secure, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to relax.

Your pets will stay in their own familiar surroundings and your Angel will follow your animals’ usual routines exactly as you would. They will provide your pets with regular exercise, feeding and grooming, administer medication if necessary and, of course, give them all the loving care they normally receive.

Why should I choose Pet Sitting Angels?

We specialise in caring for animals while their owners are away. We choose our pet and house sitters for their integrity, their common sense and, most importantly, their love of animals.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and will listen to your requirements carefully before matching you with the right pet and house sitter.

How do you choose my Angel?

We appreciate that every pet and their owner has different needs. In order to ensure that we provide you with the right house and pet sitter, we’ll ask you to complete a comprehensive booking form, including detailed information about your pet’s needs and routines. We also welcome any additional information you can give us.

An experienced member of our customer service team will personally oversee your booking and maintain contact throughout.

Will I be able to meet my Angel first?

Yes. Once we’ve confirmed your booking, your pet and house sitter will contact you directly to arrange a mutually convenient time to meet. This preliminary meeting is very important, as it gives you an opportunity to run through all your pets’ routines and habits. It’s also an ideal opportunity to go through a comprehensive checklist with your sitter, detailing information about your home. For example you can let them know where the trip switch is, which plants you would like them to water and how often and which day the bins are collected. There is a charge of £35 for this meeting, payable directly to your house and pet sitter.

Once you’ve met your house and pet sitter, a member of our customer service team will call you to check that you were happy with the sitter we’ve chosen for you. We understand how important it is to feel comfortable with the sitter staying in your home and taking care of your pets. In the unlikely event that you or your pets are not completely happy, please tell us. We will then allocate an alternative sitter, subject to availability.

What will the Angel do while I’m away?

Using the information from your booking form and gathered at the preliminary meeting, your house and pet sitter will keep to your specific routines. This will include feeding, grooming and exercising your pets, keeping your home clean and tidy, maintaining your garden as needed and any other special instructions you have agreed with them.

Your house and pet sitter will have three hours free during daylight hours, to get out and explore the local area. The rest of the time they will be in your home, looking after your pets.

Do I have to provide food for my Angel?

No, your house and pet sitter will provide their own food for the duration of the booking. However you will need to provide sufficient food and supplies for your pets for the time you’re away.

What if there’s a problem at home while I’m away?

As part of our selection process we assess candidates’ ability to handle household emergencies and take immediate and appropriate action. We also provide a 24-hour emergency helpline manned by senior members of staff, in case your sitter needs support or advice at any time. If you wish you can arrange for your sitter to keep in touch with you by text or email.

Are Pet Sitting Angels house and pet sitters insured?

Yes. We have comprehensive public liability insurance, which covers you, as the client, against acts of negligence deemed to be the responsibility of the house and pet sitter. If you would like your house and pet sitter to drive your car, please arrange fully comprehensive insurance for them.

What if I’m delayed getting back?

Your Angel will stay until your return, unless they are required at another booking. In that case we would provide an alternative house and pet sitter to cover until you get back. The original sitter would carry out a thorough handover to ensure continuity for your pets and the security of your home. Our 24-hour emergency helpline will also be available in case the replacement sitter needs any additional advice or assistance.

What if my pet is poorly?

If your pet’s health is poor when you’re going away, please let us know. In most cases your sitter will be able to look after them, continuing to provide any medication and attending vets appointments.

If your pet becomes unwell while you’re away your sitter will inform you by text or email, as agreed. They will also let you know if your pet requires any veterinary treatment.

Before you go away, we suggest you contact your vets and inform them that an Pet Sitting Angels pet sitter will be responsible for your pets during your absence, and give them permission to carry out any treatment required.

My pet has special needs. Can you help?

Yes. Many of our pet and house sitters are experienced in administering medication in tablet or injection form. A number of them also have experience in looking after elderly and incontinent animals and caring for pets with other special needs. Some of our sitters have experience with more exotic species, such as bearded dragons.

Please contact us to discuss your individual pet’s needs.

Do you look after pets in homes outside the UK?

Unfortunately at this time we are unable to provide house and pet sitting outside the UK.

What if I have to make an early start?
If it’s convenient for both you and the sitter, we can arrange for them to arrive the night before you leave, at no additional charge. Then you won’t have to worry about waiting for them to arrive before you start out.
What and how do I pay my Angel?

The fee payable to your Angel will be stated on your booking confirmation letter. For a guideline, see the Our rates section of the How we work page.

In addition to their fee for the booking, you will also need to pay their travelling expenses (at 45p per mile for car travel or economy class fare for public transport). This amount will be calculated by your sitter and will be capped at £80.

You will pay the sitters’ fees directly to them, rather than through Pet Sitting Angels. We suggest paying 25% of the total at the beginning of the booking and 75% at the end.

What is the minimum length of booking?

Although there is no maximum length of time for which an Angel can be booked, we have a minimum of 2 days (1 night) for any booking.

What if I have a lodger or a member of my family staying in my home while I am away?

Unfortunately we are unable to place Pet Sitting into a home where there is someone else present and potentially, facilities within the home are shared. This can not only create issues over privacy and areas of access, but can also create confusion as to who is responsible for the pet’s welfare, this is especially important if medication needs to be administered. It can also have serious implications with regard to the security of the home and additional key holders.

I own a cattery/kennel, would you be able to provide me with an Angel?

Our insurance policy only allows our Angels to operate within a residential property, not within a commercial environment. Our Angels are responsible for the pets that are owned by our clients, not the pets owned by the customers of a pet boarding business, cattery or kennel, so I’m afraid we would not be able to provide you with an Angel.

Why choose us?

Because we:

Know that you love your pets
Provide a professional service
Are pet owners ourselves
Ensure Angels are DBS checked
Provide security for your home
Are friendly and reliable
Fully insure our Angels
Are a nationwide company

Services we offer

We provide a range of services:

Live-in pet care
Home security
House sitting
Horse care
Exotic animals

What our customers say!

Wonderful service; no fuss, inspired me with confidence. Valerie and Les are very special pet sitters. So nice to know you are there and you care!

Ms L, Pet Sitting - Faringdon

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